A Nebulosa 1.0

A NEBULOSA – training in 16mm film, took place between November 2021 and April 2022. Over the course of 6 months, with 9 students, 4 fixed tutors (André Gil Mata, Frederico Lobo, João Vladimiro and Luís Palito) and 3 guests (director Paulo Abreu, director Leonor Noivo and producer Marta Lima), 9 short films were made.

This free film course takes its main foundations from the cineclub past – where amateur filmmakers meet and share knowledge – and opens up the possibility of learning cinema to the whole community.

Through a free program, but solid in the use of technical and artistic content, with the stimulation of debate after the viewing of each film and the study of specific cases in the history of cinema, we learn the mechanics and method of shooting in 16mm photochemical format. Based on the study of cinematographic language and its aesthetics and currents, our aim was to guide the participants to find their own voice, encouraging each one to search for their own path, here realized through cinema.

In the final exercise of the training, each student had a 122mt can of film (around 11 minutes filmed).

We set up shooting groups so that all the participants could experience the different roles of a film crew, not only to learn about each of these roles in practice, but also as a stimulus for joint and collective creation.

The films of all the participants were shown to a full house at the Cinema Trindade, in a free screening.

Filmes A Nebulosa

A space intonation

Fabiano Teixeira

As Long as There is light

Cláudia Gomes

The art of stealing

Rodrigo Queirós

maior idade

Maria Inês Rodrigues

Love is what you see

Nuno Mendonça


Odair Monteiro


Vítor Covelo

Always the same song

Ana Almeida


Cláudia Ribeiro