Nuno Mendonça
  • Duration : 20minutes aprox. |
  • Language : Portuguese |
  • Shooting format : 16mm

A man lost in his desire to help others find a way, a passionate woman in search of love as the meaning of life. Journeys to Infinity is the company created by Raimundo, a mixture of hoax and unique experience of clairvoyance, an act of desperation that mirrors the madness of the world we live in. After months of working as Raimundo’s assistant, Maria’s day has come to take her own trip.

Nuno Mendonça

An observer, critic and creator, he graduated in Sound and Image from the UCP School of Arts in 2006 and since then has had a long career linked to image, photography and video that began with coordinating video projects at the Nexes Interculturals Association (Barcelona). In 2006, he was part of the theatrical creation nucleus of CTB – Companhia de Teatro de Braga as a sound designer, videographer and technical operator for various plays. In 2012 he joined Porto Canal as a video editor for programs, advertising and promotions, where he still works today. At the same time, he started directing/filming videos for artistic and corporate purposes. Between 2021 and 2022, he directed and filmed several short independent artistic films and music videos, including “Sereias – Dinheiro”, which was selected for the 2022 Curtas de Vila do Conde Festival. In terms of training, also in 2022, he completed the course “A Nebulosa”, a 16mm film course by Rua Escura with the presentation of the short film “O Amor é isso” in a joint session at Cinema Trindade (Porto). In 2023 he took part in the artistic residency Plano Frontal at MDOC – Melgaço Documentary Festival, directing and filming the short “Cabo do Mundo”, a documentary currently in post-production that will be premiered at MDOC 2024.