The Flame of a Candle

André Gil Mata
so-cle (FR)
  • Duration : 109' |
  • Language : Portuguese |
  • Shooting format : Super 16mm

North of Portugal.

A house of green azulejos, a garden, a magnolia.

Rooms full of objects from past lives here. Traces of time, gestures and affects. Here Alzira was born, lived and died; here she was a daughter, a mother and a grandmother; here she played as a child, learned the piano, and devoted herself to an austere husband. She lived all these years with Beatriz, the maid, to the point that today she can no longer stand her.

In the evening of her life, Alzira, liberated by the death of her husband, makes a decision that belongs to her alone for the first time.

André Gil Mata

Director, producer and screenwriter (São João da Madeira, Portugal). He studied mathematics, photography and theater. In 2008, founded the photography and cinema lab Átomo47 and the film production company

Bando à Parte. In 2010 he was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus. “Arca d’Água”(2009), the debut film received several awards and was selected for international festivals. “House”(2010) his second-short, premiered at IndieLisboa’01. “The Gravedigger” (2012) received the Méliès d’Argent Award and the Best Film Award at MotelX and Best Animation at FIKE and Caminhos de Cinema Português. “Captivity” (2012),his first-feature received the DocAlliance Award in Cannes (2013) and was awarded at DocLisboa, Olhar do Cinema Curitiba and Cáceres. “Kako sam se Zaljubio u Evu Ras” (2016), his second-feature received the Jury;s Special Mention at the FIDMarseille international competition in 2016. In 2017, he directed the short film “Num Globo de Neve” (Tree of Life Award at IndieLisboa). He has a PhD in Direction at film.factory, Sa- rajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016). Drvo – A Árvore (2018), his most recent feature film, had its world premiere at the Berlinale Forum 2018, was awarded in Lima, Lisbon and Coimbra, was commercially released in Portugal (2018) and in France (May 2021) and was considered one of the 10 best films premiered in France in 2021 by Fernando Ganzo in Cahiers du Cinéma. His films have been shown at festivals and are shown all over the world.

He is one of the founders of the film cooperative Rua Escura. In Rua Escura he produced, “Pátio do Carrasco” his most recent film, premiered at the IFFR – International Film Festival of Rotterdam, and Campos Belos by David Ferreira premièred in last Curtas-Vila do Conde. He is currently finishing the feature film “Sob a Chama da Candeia”, and is researching and raising funds for the feature films “Frãcisco Dolãda and “O Escapulário”, all of which are supported by ICA (Portuguese Film Institute) for writing and development of film projects.

As well as writing screenplays for all his films, he wrote Ubu with Paulo Abreu and Campos Belos with David Ferreira. He was director of photography on films directed by Manel Raga Raga, Pilar Palomero, Lea Triboulet and Maria Clara Escobar, among others. His work has been the subject of retrospectives at Batalha Centro de Cinema (February, Porto, 2023), Doc’s Kingdom Seminar (Arcos de Valdevez, 2019) and the Luso Brazilian Film Festival (Santa Maria da Feira,2012), and in 2021 the book “André’s Gil Mata’s Cinema: Some Light in the Dark” was published by Batalha Centro de Cinema.He teaches film directing at Escola Superior Artística do Porto.

  • With

    Eva Ras
    Márcia Breia
    Dinis Gomes
    Catarina Gomes
    Gina Macedo
    Luísa Guerra
    Olívia Silva
    Gisela Matos
    Raimundo Cosme
    Catarina Lacerda
    Manuel Nabais
    Mateus Guedes
    Francisco Mota
    Francisco Oliveira
    Mia Ester Coelho
    Inês Oliveira
    Ruben de Sousa
    Vitor Pinho
    Miguel Marques
    João David Rodrigues
    Marcos Cruz
    Santiago Mateus
    Ângela Marques
    Pedro Bernardino
    Gustavo Silva
    João Pedro Gomes
    Cláudia Rola
    Lurdes Costa

  • Director

    André Gil Mata

  • 1st Assistant Director

    Ricardo Freitas

  • 2nd Assistant Director

    Cláudia Ribeiro

  • Script Supervisor

    Manel Raga Raga
    Fabiano Teixeira Mota

  • Cinematography

    Frederico Lobo

  • 1st Assistant Camera

    Juliane Rupar

  • 2nd Assistant Camera

    Maria Inês Rodrigues

  • Sound Director

    Thomas Van Pottelberge

  • Sound Assistant

    Pedro Anacleto

  • Gaffer

    Iván Castiñeiras

  • Electricians

    Pedro Teixeira
    Patrick Silva

  • Additional Electrician

    Pedro Pimentel

  • Key Grip

    Paulo Miranda

  • Grip

    Henrique Moura

  • Steadicam Operator

    Emanuel Garcia
    Samuel Amaral

  • Production

    André Gil Mata
    Clementine Mourão Ferreira
    Marta Lima

  • Production direction

    Marta Lima

  • Head of production

    Sara Marques

  • Production Secretary

    Inês Jonas

  • 1st Assistant Production

    Adelaide Megre

  • 2nd Assistant Production

    Thomas Pinto

  • Art Director

    Sandra Neves

  • Art Assistant

    Sofia Pereira
    Pedro Bernardino
    Daniel Leal Machado

  • Costume Designer

    Maura Carneiro

  • Costume Assistant

    Gabriela Freches

  • Additional Costume Assistant

    Rita Moniz
    Catarina Pimentel
    Ana Isabel Nogueira

  • Seamstress

    Lurdes Sobrado

  • Hair Stylist

    Danila Hatzakis

  • Lead Makeup Artist

    Marta Ramalho
    Júlio Alves

  • Additional Makeup Artist

    Francisca Sobral

  • Makeup Assistant

    Hugo Flores

  • Head of Catering

    Luís Miguel

  • Catering Assistant

    Arnold Van Rossum
    Cátia Homem
    Kalluh Saccoáni

  • Editing

    Claire Atherton

  • Sound Editing

    Rafael Cardoso
    Eric Lesachet

  • Sound Mixing

    Eric Lesachet

  • Color Correction

    Andreia Bertini

  • Visual Effects

    Irmã Lúcia
    Um Segundo Filmes
    João Pedro Gomes

  • Pianist

    Luís Duarte Moreira

  • Paintings

    Carlos Pinheiro

  • Translations

    Simon Berjeaut


  • FIDMarseille - International Film Festival (World Premiere) | Ciné+


República Portuguesa Cultura