Manel Raga Raga
  • Duration : 16minutos aprox. |
  • Aspect ratio : 16:9 |
  • Shooting format : HD

A very small spider descends from the three-meter-high ceiling. It lands on the pillow, moves down a little further, gets lost in a fold in the sheets and reappears, crossing the entire blanket, walking over the orange flower patterns. I slept with an enormous fear of falling, just like when I was a child and was put to bed surrounded by chairs. At my grandparents’ house, the clocks are all stopped.

Manel Raga Raga

Manel Raga Raga was born in Ulldecona in 1985. After co-directing the documentary short film MATANDO EL SUEÑO (2008), he completed a Master’s Degree in Film Directing at ESCAC in Barcelona. From 2010 to 2012, he worked as a cinematographer with La Fura dels Baus and, in 2013, he premiered the short film LA GALLINA at the Venice Film Festival, a film that won more than fifteen awards and was shown at festivals around the world. In 2017, he completed his PhD in Film Directing at film.factory in Sarajevo, a school run by Hungarian filmmaker Béla Tarr. During this period, he made the short films ULLDECONA-UMOLJANI and MANEL VIU A SARAJEVO and, in 2018, he finished GRBAVICA, a short film that is a free adaptation of a short story by Franz Kafka and was presented at the Locarno Film Festival. His latest documentary, HOMENATGE A JUDES (2019), premiered at Doclisboa and won the prize for best short film. In 2022, he was selected to participate in Berlinale Talents at the Berlin Film Festival and is currently working on the production of KAO MALI LIST (LIKE A LITTLE LEAF), which will be his first feature film as a director.