Cláudia Ribeiro
Co-production whit TERRATREME
  • Duration : 90' aprox |
  • Aspect ratio : 16:9 |
  • Language : Francês / Português / Inglês / Italiano |
  • Shooting format : HD

In the heart of a family in the village of Sainte Paule in the Beaujolais region of France, we follow the wine-growing cycle which, as it unfolds, presents us with another reality, that of the seasonal worker who lives on the move around the world.

– Life in itinerancy compared to life in permanence, between transience and immobility –

Cláudia Ribeiro

CLÁUDIA RIBEIRO (b. 1990) was born in Guimarães and lives in Porto. She has a degree in Cinema (University of Beira Interior) and a Master’s in Anthropology in Visual Cultures (2018, UNL-FCSH). She works on concepts of culture and identity, driven by a constant questioning of human behavior, memory, representation and the concept of reality. “THE LIFE WE KNOW” is her first feature film, shown and awarded at various festivals. He has made two short films in an academic context and currently has two other short films in post-production. She is a member of the production company RUA ESCURA, together with André Gil Mata and Frederico Lobo, and is currently in pre-production on her new feature film “ALLER-RETOUR”.