Workshop in 16mm

It’s intended to stimulate the cinematographic gaze and practice, through the use of 16mm film, in the city of Porto.

André Gil Mata, Cláudia Ribeiro and Frederico Lobo will share their visions and questions about cinema through the viewing and discussion of films and the exploration of techniques related to the photochemical universe. At the end of the course, each participant will be challenged to make a short film.

This free course will be based on the heritage of the film societies – a meeting of amateur filmmakers – for its main foundations, opening up the possibility of learning the art of filmmaking to the whole community. The program -free but solid in content – will go through specific cases in the history of film, as well as through the mechanics and use of 16mm cameras, capturing sound, or lighting a film on 16mm.

The participants will be guide in their search for their own cinematic vision, without following dogmas, encouraging each one to find their own path, here through cinema.

At the end, each participant will be challenged to make a short film.

More information soon.

Check out the first edition here

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